This page will be regularly updated with the results from partners’ work. Feel free to download and use these materials and resources in your work, or to further develop and extend the iFLIP concept.

iFLIP IO1 Conceptual framework

  • PDF document  [en] developed by the Slovenian partner (consulted with all partners) to serve as a framework for FC course and content development

iFLIP IO2 Adult Learners Needs Analysis Report

Adult Learners Needs Analysis Report: Results and conclusions from online surveys of adult learners (Section A) and adult trainers/educators (Section B):

Adult Learners Needs Analysis Report, Section C: Compendium of Case Studies and Good Practice Models
Contains 12 case studies and practice models from Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia

Adult Learners Needs Analysis Report, Section D: Flipped Classroom Methods in Use
Contains 6 FC methods in use from Belgium, Switzerland, and the United States of America

iFLIP IO4 FTC Content delivery

iFLIP IO6 FTC Pilot Course Implementation and Evaluation

iFLIP IO7 Learning Guide on FTC in Adult Education