Coordinating partner

Andragoski zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje (Velenje, Slovenia) | +386 38985450

Ljudska univerza Velenje (LUV) is public non-profit institution providing adult education. It takes an active part in regional community by improving the educational structure of the population by providing various VET programmes and by motivating and informing the members of the community. 55 years of tradition, the provision of expert knowledge and quality and friendly attitude towards our participants without doubt contribute to the fact that each school year more than 4.000 participants take part in various educational programmes. It has extensive experience in consulting adults, who are eager to continue their education or wish to acquire some additional knowledge. Through Counselling centre that works within LUV it offers guidance and provides participants with all the help they need to get re-enter educational process. There is also a self-study centre, opened 12 hours per day. LUV has taken part in various national and EU projects since 1999, as partner as well as coordinator.


National Training Center Ltd. – Adam Smith College of Management (Sofia, Bulgaria) | +359 28572001

The National Training Center (NTC) has been established in 1999 and provides training and qualifications in business and related technologies. NTC strives to improve its courses and research activities through the implementation of innovative methods, products and technologies, open-source code and systems being a large part of these. NTC’s operations include the duly licensed (EQF Level 5, ISCED Level 4C) Adam Smith College of Management delivering adult training (16+) and teacher/assessor training in the vocational ICT user skills resulting from the successful INGOT LDV TOI project. These ECVET/EQF certificates are becoming increasingly popular in Bulgarian schools and NTC acts as a regional moderator. The main client groups are self-employed people and employees seeking to build on already acquired competences, and teachers and learners in vocationally orientated IT fields in schools. Experience in design/management of qualifications integrating EQF-ECVET-EQARF-Europass principles are a strength of NTC’s training operations from programme design to implementation. NTC is well-known for its innovative approach to adult education which is embodied in advanced training delivery methodologies, training environment innovation, integration of ICT in education. Operating with faculty consisting mainly of practitioners, NTC is able to bridge the traditional gap between VET and labour market. NTC has over 10 years of experience working on EU projects (incl. 2 national awards by NA for project management of Grundtvig and LdV) and has a large national and EU-wide network of professional contacts facilitating many types of project activities.

Unipa e-learning (Palermo, Italy) | +39916710267

Consortium Unipa e-Learning begins in February of 2011 with the strategic decision of the University of Palermo and ANFE (National Association of Emigrants’ Family) to invest in research, training, guidance, testing, development as well as application of new methods of learning, above all e-learning, in all forms and types of communication that provide the ‘ use of New Media . In March 2013 Consortium has got a new partner, a technologic one, Clio Spa. Clio is an electronic publishing private company, in Lecce (Puglia) that has been active in the field of e-learning for few years.

Stichting Kenniscentrum Pro Work (Burgh-Haamstede, The Netherlands) | +31 628075754

Foundation Knowledge Centre PRO WORK was established in the Netherlands as a Centre of Excellence as a direct result of the experience and activities in several National and EU projects. PRO WORK promotes the career development of people with a (significant) distance to the labor market, skilled workers and others who need coaching, training and counseling in a wide variety of sectors and topics, national and international. PRO WORK operates in sectors like ICT, sustainability, environment, economy, health care and technology associated with education, sheltered employment, entrepreneurship, talent development of youngsters and unemployment. The experience has enabled the development of a broad range of methods, (digital) instruments and techniques, both on operational and political levels. The organisation draws on a consortium of existing companies, regional training centres, government (local, regional, national, European), target group representatives, sectoral representatives and knowledge centres. PRO WORK offers a broad professional resource that responds to structural innovation in a demand driven way.

ARTEVELDEHOGESCHOOL (Gent, Belgium) | +32 92352043

Artevelde University College Ghent, Member of the Ghent University Association (AU GENT) is one of Flanders’ largest university colleges. It offers study programs in teacher training, international business management, graphics and digital media, health care, social work and journalism. Artevelde University College Ghent is a knowledge center for education, research and services, where students, staff and strategic partners cooperate and develop their talents in a stimulating and internationally oriented environment. As an institute based on a culture of internationalization, Artevelde University College Ghent is an active partner in diverse international networks, attends various international conferences and collaborates intensively with international partners for educational and for research purposes. Moreover, Artevelde University College Ghent stimulates outgoing staff and student mobility and warmly welcomes international incoming staff and students. Besides the regular study programs, Artevelde University College Ghent offers a wide variety of international courses, often with a clear emphasis on interdisciplinary themes. The university college educates professionals whose creativity, innovative way of thinking and sense of entrepreneurship cross borders. Artevelde University College Ghent aspires after excellence and durability and is stimulated by its collaborators to do so. Artevelde University College Ghent is known for its excellent student-oriented services, education and counseling.

Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Lodzi (Lodz, Poland) | +48 426315806

AHE is an accredited higher education institution and provides bachelor, master, postgraduate, PhD studies and courses for various target groups. The university focuses on educational research, innovative teaching and e-learning. The AHE is the academy of modern technologies, boasting a professionally equipped publishing house, collaborating with television studio, technological incubator, clinic and printing house, as well as the biggest – among non-public schools in the region – free-access library. Our students use professionally equipped rooms for TV and radio production, and are supervised by qualified journalists and graphics sound and picture specialists. AHE staff includes over 400 permanent employees: researchers, teachers, trainers, supporting staff (financial, administrative, technical staff), and specialists in various areas. Among our key fields of study and research there are: pedagogy, psychology, innovative teaching and learning methods, social problems, EQF and NQF. AHE works with a lot of different target groups: e.g. youth, students, seniors, teachers, trainers, people of various professions, children, disadvantaged youth, unemployed. AHE additional educational offer includes: – Polish Virtual University ( – an on-line university established at AHE, providing e-learning courses and studies. – The Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku (University of the Third Age) is an outpost for pensioners offering systematic and attractive classes. Its main aim is to popularise knowledge from different disciplines. The UTW sends an important signal to society: life’s activity does not end with retirement. – Cisco Networking Academy offers specialist computer networking courses at several levels of certification. – Microsoft IT Academy leads IT courses in academic learning institutions that enable students to pass MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) exams. The university is an expert in research and analysis; designing of curricula; implementation of courses’ e-learning and development of e-learning platforms, tools, materials; dissemination; courses of creativity, self development, workshops, seminars; EU projects management. AHE’s main strengths include also easy access to various target groups; network of contacts on regional and national level.